If you are inquiring about an order placed on our site, please check these four things below.

1. If your question is in regards to a video course: Please try and reset your password by clicking here. If that did not work, contact us at videosupport@jeffandalyssa.com. Let us know which course you bought and what your issue is. Please note, it could take up to 24 hours for an online video course to be granted.

2. If your question is in regards to a physical product and you are inquiring about the status of your order or have any other issues: Please contact us at shipping@jeffandalyssa.com. Please include your order number, name on the order and date of purchase when sending an email.

3. Please do not contact Jeff or Alyssa personally in regards to shipping or fulfillment issues as they are not directly handling those things.

4. We do not currently offer refunds or cancellations on an automatic basis. This means if you buy the books and would like to cancel the order or return them because you don’t like them or need them, we are not able to fulfill that request. As a small business we hope you understand and respect our decision. If however your book arrived damaged or has printing defects, please reach out and we will take care of you. Please email support@jeffandalyssa.com

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