Love That Lasts (Videos and Assessment Only)

As a part of this journey, we reached out to our "Top 12" couples. These are husbands and wives who are experts, doctors, marriage counselors and pastors whom we respect and look up to in regards to the 12 big topics we struggle with, avoid or don't know what to do with. We invited them to share their advice with us, some of which has literally changed the course of our marriage (for the best!). We believe it will do the same for you. We're including each couples' wisdom as a 12-video course. This package comes with the videos not the guidebooks. It also includes the online relationship assessment.

We've got a lot to learn, too. You’re right, four years isn’t that long. We wanted to make sure that if we are going to share this part of our lives with you, it is rooted in truth and experience. The best teachers are lifelong learners, which is why we asked these 12 mentors and older, married friends to add almost 200 years of collective learning experience to help us speak to the most important topics for developing a love that lasts.


The 12 Topics:

Finances. There’s no way around it, money can be a messy thing in a marriage, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to approach the subject of finances in ways that celebrate your differences rather than pitting you against one another.

Calling/Purpose. He has a calling and she has a calling-what does it look like to combine them within your marriage? Every marriage has to struggle through the combining of dreams, goals, callings and purpose. Learn God’s purpose in joining two together as one, including his plans for you.

Sex. Simply put, the topic of sex will be a lifelong conversation. Luckily, it’s worth the work, wouldn’t you agree? Learn how to be comfortable with vulnerability and understand one another’s desires in a way that cultivates intimacy.

Parenting. Everyone’s parents raised them differently and everyone comes into marriage with different ideas on how to raise their children. Understand how to come together and parent as a team.

Communication. Is key. People say it for a reason. Learn how to dialogue in a way that helps you understand and be understood in your marriage, so that mutual love, respect and friendship continue to grow.

Conflict. It can take a long time to learn how to fight well. If arguments are inevitable (which they are), then it is important to have them in a way that doesn’t demean your spouse and keeps the point in view.

Rhythms. Developing healthy rhythms of life is an incredibly important part a marriage relationship. Understanding one another’s working day, busy seasons, rest and activity-even sleep-will help you mold the kind of consistency that makes for vibrant living.

Faith. Just because you’re married doesn’t necessarily mean you are on the same page about everything in your spiritual life. Topics of faith can be some of the most relationally deepening, or divisive, convictions you’ll have in your marriage.

Boundaries. While your wedding rings are a symbol of freedom to delight in one another, they are also a promise to set healthy boundaries for the purpose of honoring one another as wholly devoted to your spouse. Learn how to set those boundaries in ways that develop trust.

Trust. It is said that trust is hard to earn and easy to break. Hopefully, your commitment to marriage already means that you trust one another. Here, we’ll discover how to maintain and deepen that trust over the course of a lifetime.

Addiction. How do you broach the topic of addiction, if and where it exists, in one another’s lives? Are you able to meet your spouse with grace? Are you able to be honest about your struggles with one another. Marriage requires honesty and addiction can be broken in the light.

Theology of Marriage. Why do we believe what we do when it comes to marriage? How does your view of God inform the promises you’ve made to one another? How does the nature of God translate into and deepen the wonder of what it means to be married? 

Love That Lasts Video Series + Assessment

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