The Everything Package

BEST VALUE! This package is for all our digital products plus both of our marriage experiences. You get my e-course called Dig Into The Word, Alyssa's e-course on the Power Of The Psalms, 31 Creative Ways To Love and Encourage Him and Her and the Love That Lasts Experience.

Instead of paying over $270, you get it for $199 and we will ship anywhere for free. I will even throw in my Spoken Word album. 

Love That Lasts Experience Includes:

The Guidebooks.

A guided journey through the 12 big topics we struggle through, avoid or simply don't know what to do with.
Love That Lasts for Men and Love That Lasts for Women guidebooks which is an interactive, journal-themed guidebook for individual writing and couple's conversation.

Follow along with the video sessions as you work through each topic and challenge together.

The Videos.

Watch and see the transforming power of Love That Lasts in the lives of couples on their own journey.
Listen in on hope-filled discussions about the 12 most important topics related to creating a healthy, vibrant relationship.
Be encouraged by our Marriage Mentors with almost 200 years’ worth of collective wisdom from 12 marriage counselors, experts, doctors, pastors, trusted friends and mentors.

The Assessment.

The frustration that comes from a lack of clarity runs deep through many marriages. What’s wrong? Why isn’t this working? Why might it not? This assessment and action plan will give you the tools needed to understand how to navigate the heart of your marriage.

Want to fight less and avoid blowups in the future? Avoid a stagnant sex life? Experience the freedom of vulnerability and the joy of being understood? Learn how through expert insight, specific to your marriage.
Receive a personalized action plan for the two of you. Whether you’re newlyweds or lifelong partners, our plans are professionally curated by doctors and marriage experts to make sure your relationship thrives.

The Book. (Coming October 10, 2017. You will get it in the mail the day it releases!)

Look forward to the final piece of the Love That Lasts Experience, on your doorstep, as soon as it releases this fall. Continue the journey into the fulfilling truth of what love and marriage is designed to be like and experience God’s purpose for you in yours.

Learn through biblical teaching and personal storytelling that draws from two completely different backgrounds. Jeff’s “Prodigal Son” past and Alyssa’s “True Love Waits” experience, coming together as one.

Private Facebook Group.

No journey is meant to be taken alone, walk it together with other couples who are going through the same experience as you are.

Participate in a private forum where you can be comfortable expressing your journey among men and women who understand.  Be encouraged to keep pressing through difficult conversations and into a Love That Lasts by others who are doing the same.
Interact directly with us on that page as we would love to engage with couple's, answer questions and make ourselves available to you.

31 Creative Ways To Love And Encourage Him & Her are two best selling books from Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke which lay out simple ways to bring the beauty, joy, and vibrancy back to a relationship. Each day brings a new adventure that can range from being serious to whimsical to humorous. Take this one month journey with your spouse or significant other and come out the other side with a stronger and more healthy relationship than before.

Dig Into The Word is an online video course with Jefferson Bethke. It’s practical, thought provoking, and will help you read the bible with more clarity, excitement, and freshness. You also get a bonus ebook and spoken word album along with the downloadable discussion guide/workbook.

Power Of The Psalms is an e-course from Alyssa Bethke that very personal and speaks into some of the things that I struggled with and how I used the Psalms to get me through these different hard times. The course will come with 10 videos and a downloadable workbook and a few other goodies.

The Everything Package

BEST VALUE!  This package is for all our digital products plus the latest two books. You get Love That Lasts full experience! You get my e-course called Dig Into The Word, Alyssa's e-course on the Power Of The Psalms,  and our latest 2 books 31 Creative Ways To Love and Encourage Him and Her. Instead of paying over $130, you get it for $199 and we will ship anywhere for free. I will even throw in my Spoken Word album.    

$199.00 USD