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Growing up I never really read the Bible. People told me I should read it, but realistically I never read it much at all. It seemed boring, weird, and completely disconnected from my actual life. Fast forward to college when I started to really follow Jesus and all of a sudden I loved The Bible. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to read it all the time. But it was still kind of confusing and I ended up only reading certain parts over and over again because I was intimidated by the rest. I tried to read the Bible in a year but fell asleep once I got to Leviticus (am I the only one?).

Now I make YouTube videos, a podcast with my wife, and have authored two books. They all primarily center around my relationship with Jesus and insights or things I’ve gained from studying the scriptures.

And so many times when I travel and speak or see you guys out and about, I’ll get asked how I mark out time in my day to read, or how do I get excited about the Bible, or how do I apply it to my life. And because of that I’ve wanted to put this resource together for a long time.

And it’s crazy to think about how far technology has come and how much that helps us in our Bible Study. I have crazy bible software now where I can practically travel into the future with Marty McFly it’s that powerful. And even though I’m still learning and growing, I’ve picked up a few helpful tips and ways to nurture Bible study where it becomes fresh and exciting and I want to share those with you guys. I’ve met a lot of folks who have that desire but don’t know where to start. So I created this e-course for you.

You love Jesus. You maybe have known him for 20 weeks or 20 years. You have the app on your phone, a study bible, and a devotion in your email every day but you still don’t feel like you have the daily discipline and practices in place to start reading it and getting the most out of it.

I know this e course can change that for you, and I want to help.

Honestly I don’t bring up a ton of greek or Hebrew or much complicated stuff. It’s just me sitting on my couch talking to you like we were having coffee and giving you multiple things to start and implement today. Also at the end of the course I’m going to point you to a week long reading plan that I specifically created for you as a way to put it into action so you can start right away.

Check it out and get started today!

You get instant access to the video workshop to watch at your own pace

A downloadable workbook to journal in and read.

Extra tools and tips on studying the bible PDF

My spoken word Audio CD as a digital download.

All this for $49.



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